Jam Pony Express

Original Cindy
[Played by Valarie Rae Miller]

A compassionate, straight-up friend and down-ass female, Original Cindy's always on the lookout for her best-friend and co-worker Max's best interests, all the while keeping a watchful eye-out for Miss Right, or Miss Right-Now.  She always speaks what's on her mind, no matter how trivial, and is one of the few people who know Max's secret.


[Played by Richard Gunn]

On a lookout for fun and a knack for getting himself in big trouble, Sketchy is more often on the receiving end of a bruise than the cash he covets, relying on Max to get him out of the mess.


[Played by J.C. MacKenzie]

"Bip, bip, bip!"  Mr. 'Normal' Ronald is the continuously pissed-off, sarcastic, and constantly disrespected, as well as disrespectful, boss at Jam Pony who puts up a facade of stone and whose sole mission in life is to get packages delivered on time.  


Herbal Thought
[Played by Alimi Ballard]]

A down-to-earth friend, Herbal delivers a message of peace and stability to Jam Pony.  Although not always understandable, he tries to make every situation seem more positive.